Genie Ventures is a great company to work for; then we would say that, wouldn’t we? But in recent times we won The Cambridge News Business Awards Employer of the Year Award; The Top Employer Award for SMEs with between 26-250 employees from; and were a finalist for the Amazon Growing Business Awards Employer of the Year and the British Small Business Awards Small Business of the Year – so it’s not just us saying it.

We’ve achieved this by developing a unique Genie culture based on staff development and trust, where our Genies are encouraged to learn and develop in a supportive yet ambitious environment. And we’ve managed to maintain this wide-eyed and fearless start-up mentality despite huge growth in both staff numbers and turnover.

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Genie perks and benefits

Flexible working
Genie Academy
Competitive salary
Quarterly socials
25 days holiday
Wellness workshops
Work life balance
Free fruit
Family friendly
Local discounts
Table football
Designer office
Awesome colleagues
Pension scheme
Grow at Genie

But best of all, you're joining a family

We think the biggest perk of being a Genie is the sense of fun and togetherness that comes from working in a sociable, fun, caring and creative environment.

The Genie team on a social

Our awesome office (perks ahoy!)

The Genie Ventures offices are on the edge of Cambridge city centre, a 10-minute walk through open parkland from the shops. The office décor was designed, created and painted by Genies – a great example of personal development objectives that encourage creativity.

Inside you’ll find an enviable selection of benefits, from table football and board games to a kitchen stocked to bursting with posh tea and coffee, fruit and other goodies (which are all free). 

Gillian Nightingale, Genie Ventures Operations Manager profile picture

In the 2018 Best Companies survey we were rated as 2-star (out of 3) for outstanding levels of employee engagement. So we're obviously doing something right!

- Gillian Nightingale, Genie Ventures Operations Manager

Your wellness at work

Open to all and in office hours, we run a regular series of ‘wellness workshops’ for Genies. All free of charge for staff, they’ve covered everything from posture and staying fit in the office through to managing both stress and financial wellbeing. 

There are standing desk areas as well as a quiet, comfy chair area where you can take your laptop to work for a while if you feel the need. And if you have ways you think the office environment can be improved, we want to hear them: as with everything we do, we’re always looking for the next great innovation.

Ellie Crow, Genie Ventures Office Administrator profile picture

Two of our staff set up our wellness workshops in their weekly time set aside for non-core tasks. It’s just another way we can make people feel appreciated and cared for – while demonstrating how much of a difference can be made by a company that actively encourages staff to think, and act, outside their usual roles.

- Ellie Crow, Genie Ventures Office Administrator

And when we’re not working…

Another task staff often set themselves is organising our staff socials. We have (at least) quarterly events that vary from bowling and punting to cocktail making and the Genie Olympics. And when staff graduate from the Genie Academy (our in-house training scheme), they can expect a proper ceremony.

And we’re open to anything that’s going to support your fellow Genies. Want to organise a birthday cake rota, a football team, or yoga sessions? We’ve got behind all those ideas and more. And if you can do it for charity than even better: we’ve cleaned rivers, painted playgrounds, ran around colleges and grown moustaches for good causes.

Margot Groesslich, Genie Goals Senior PPC Executuve profile picture

I arrived in Cambridge from Austria knowing nobody, but immediately felt part of the Genie ‘family’. There are so many opportunities to socialise with your colleagues – both from organised events and random post-work trips out.

- Margot Groesslich, Genie Goals Senior PPC Executuve

Learning and support for junior staff

We’ve developed a seriously cutting-edge training academy which allows us to help develop talented people into world-class digital marketers. Courses (a mix of accredited and in-house) cover all aspects of the business and are run by members of management staff.

But we give staff responsibility and the full picture from day one, because we believe inclusiveness, trust and openness generate positivity. It’s about creating a supportive, encouraging culture where taking a timeout to lend a hand on another project feels natural, and where staff development is part of the everyday routine.

Jana Buechse, Digital Marketing Executive profile picture

Since being supported in my move to the UK from Germany, the Genie Academy has been a fantastic way to make me feel part of the family and learn new skills at the same time – a huge help when moving to a new country.

- Jana Buechse, Digital Marketing Executive

Target-led development for all staff

The management team has a strong focus on innovation and best practice, as well as on (of course) growth and the bottom line. We’re constantly challenging the status quo as we know there’s always room for innovation - but we make sure we have fun doing it. All staff are encouraged to spend 20% of their hours on self-development projects that can help the company in any number of ways.

Staff work towards quarterly and yearly ‘objectives and key results’ (or OKRs), based on the OKRs of their department and the company as a whole. We’re encouraged to make them challenging and varied, with the aim being to push ourselves and the business forward rather than being an exercise in box-ticking. We want staff to harness their creativity, rather than stifle it.

Chris Duerden, Genie Goals Account Director profile picture

While I was an experienced mananger when I arrived at Genie, it has been refreshing to be actively encouraged to find the best ways to personally develop my skill base as part of my normal working day.

- Chris Duerden, Genie Goals Account Director

Open positions

If you’re looking for jobs in digital marketing and publishing, there’s no better place to be than Genie Ventures. Based in the heart of Cambridge, we’re an ambitious internet business operating a network of successful digital marketing and publishing websites. We’re a growing, profitable company that retains all the fun, family-feel elements of a startup; but have more than 50 staff, state-of-the-art city centre offices and a proven record of success.

Genie Ventures is always challenging and moving forward, and we want the best people to join us. As you’ll be joining a cutting-edge tech company you’ll be learning from some of the best people in the business along the way.

Speculative job applications

Genie Ventures is a fast-growing business and we’re always looking for the brightest and best applicants to work with us. Just because we’re not recruiting for a particular position right now, it doesn’t mean we won’t be soon. If you’re looking for a job in any of the following positions, please get in contact so we can consider you when an opening becomes available.

As part of the recruitment process, Genie Ventures Ltd collects and processes personal data relating to you and your application. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use that data and to ensure we meet our data protection obligations. For a more detailed view of the information we collect and how we process it please check out our Privacy Notice for Job Applicants.

About you: The anatomy of a Genie

Genie’s success and development depends on us, the people who make up the company, so it’s only natural we’ve developed a strong philosophy around building the team.

We strongly believe experience and knowledge are important, but personal attributes even more so. The personal attributes we look for, relentlessly, are:

  • Smart: You’ll be someone who likes to solve problems and is able to think calmly about difficult tasks
  • Positive: You’ll have a great attitude to rolling your sleeves up when the work needs doing, and have a positive and respectful attitude to co-workers and customers at all times
  • Productive: You’ll be the kind of person who does what you’ve said you’re going to do
  • Receptive: You’ll take pride in what you’ve learnt already, but be constantly looking for opportunities to stretch yourself and to learn, both in technical skills and personal development

We believe people with these four personal attributes will do brilliantly at Genie and will contribute a huge amount.

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